This article is a confusing and deep explanation of the somewhat chaotic order of storylines involving the Acachalla family and characters like them.

Theory Edit

At the dawn of time in the world of Minecraft, there were two heroes: Venturian and ImmortalKyodai. They gathered materials and built their first dwelling, which they named "Birchwood". Though it survived multiple creepers, in the end the wrath of an ogre was the end of their first home. Through a series of convoluted paths and idiotic navigational errors, Venturian and Immortal arrived in a mountainous region which they mistakenly believed to be another continent. There, on the face of a cliff, their second abode, "Ventopia", was built. Time passed, and eventually a pair of wandering adventurers, HomelessGoomba and BethanyFrye, stumbled upon Ventopia while tracking the greatest evil in all of Minecraft: Herobrine.

Venturian and ImmortalKyodai offered the pair shelter, and when they informed the two of their plans to fight the Ender Dragon, Homeless and Bethany agreed to assist them. Together, the four of them found the End Portal and fought and defeated the Ender Dragon. Upon their return to earth, HomelessGoomba blasted a crater into the ground where Venturian and Immortal's beds had been, then proceeded with Bethany on their quest to find Herobrine.

Now pay attention, because this is where it gets complicated.

Shortly after Venturian and ImmortalKyodai arrived at the moon, BethanyFrye and HomelessGoomba found Herobrine's lair. They foolishly went with a head-on assault, and were quickly subdued by Herobrine and his minions. Herobrine, using Dark Magic, fractured their souls, and scattered them over the entirety of the multiverse. The fragments of their souls manifested themselves as characters such as Billy and Gertrude in many universes.

As for Venturian and ImmortalKyodai, when they made their return trip to earth Herobrine was waiting by Ventopia. When the rockets were close enough, he opened a tear in reality. The rockets, unable to escape, were sucked in to the crack, and Venturian and ImmortalKyodai were scattered across the multiverse just as HomelessGoomba and BethanyFrye before them. Herobrine, shortly after closing the tear, was struck and killed by a distraught Daxius, enraged by the loss of his master.

Parts of Venturian and ImmortalKyodai's souls manifested themselves as figures like Johnny Ghost, Papa Acachalla, Spencer, Jimmy Casket, Sally Betty Jessica, Johnny Toast and Sally. Also, drawn by the power of The Elder Scrolls, part of Venturian latched on to Vahl the Dragonborn. Another fragment of his soul attached to Cywren Castor, wanderer of the atomic wastes.

Possible Questions to Consider Edit

  • The multiverse may very well contain an infinite number of universes. As such, couldn't all storylines/theories be truth?
  • Multiple story contradictions arise in almost every Acachalla family roleplay. When two videos contradict each other, would it not be reasonable to assume that they took place in separate universes?
  • The concept of multiple Acachalla families in separate universes could explain certain chronological paradoxes as well, could it not?