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Theories about HλLF-LIFE and Venturiantale. here, you can add your half-life/Venturiantale theories.

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My Theory (B: Creator) Edit

The Venturiantale universe has many characters and realms, and the ones from

HλLF-LIFE2 For starters, Headcrabs appear, and are called 'Turkeys'.

Gordon Freeman has also appeared, along with the V group fighting the Combine.

And, Papa acachalla might just be father Grigori that lost his memory, and Sally might be Alyx.

The Acachalla family has killed countless villains (Including Dr, Breen) in the history of venturiantale, and Gman appears. Portal, also appears in skyrim and gmod, and portal is in the Half-life universe.

My theory is that the role-play either takes after or is still in the Combine take over. (oh, and Space core had a mod made by Valve on Skyrim, so that might be proof)

About Half-Life Edit

Half-Life (stylized HλLF-LIFE) is a series of first-person shooter video games that share a single science fiction alternate history. The games in the series all utilize either the GoldSrc or Source engines and are linear, narrative, single-player titles.

Valve Corporation is the developer, and partly the publisher and distributor, for their signature games of the series. The major titles in the series feature the player as the main protagonist, Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist initially employed by the Black Mesa Research Facility. Two of these games, Half-Life and Half-Life 2 are full length titles, while two more, Half-Life 2: Episode One and Half-Life 2: Episode Two, are shorter, episodic titles. A final episode, Half-Life 2: Episode Three, was originally scheduled to appear around Christmas 2007, but now has no public release date.

A puzzle-based first-person series, set in the same fictional universe as the Half-Life games, was created with Portal in 2007, followed by a sequel, Portal 2, in 2011. It has also had a mod made called "Garry's Mod" that has became a famous Sand-box game.

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Fan Fictions Edit


The combine

Fan: Cremators (half life2) (Unlore friendly)

A weird and funny story about Cremators breaking into someone's home.

Fan: Combine Commando (Lore friendly)

A lore friendly and sad story about Billy joining the Combine and trying to protect his family. He must survive the harsh Combine Era.

Fan: Before creamators (Unlore friendly)

A unlore friendly story about how cremators are made.

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Other Theories Edit

Fallout and Man-hacks (By: Creator) Edit


Cywren Freeman

Fallout took place in a broken down America, and half-life takes place in Eastern Europe.

This is my theory: the combine was destroyed by Gordon Freeman. Years later, the wasteland started.

The vaults were places for Combine soldiers to rest and recover.


The combine and Enclave are the same. (Combine/Enclave Soldiers)

Those Eyebots are improved Man-Hacks. The Remaining combine moved to America to rebuild the Combine government with the help of Gman.

Maybe, in the Caster family, there was a family named 'Freeman'.

And, Cywren is Cywren Freeman, born to remove all of the existing Combine.

480px-Enclave Symbol (FO3)

the combine

The Enclave is really the Combine. And those Enclave creatures like DeathClaws and Cyborg Super mutant's like Frank Horrigan?





Gman Controls Everything (By: Creator) Edit



This theory covers the WHOLE roleplay, skyrim, fallout, and Acachalla.

G-man, the most iconic character in Half-life, is indeed a Mystery.

And, he controls the role-play.

The gang, along with other characters, have fought the Combine (Like the battle of Skittles). Gman has set Traps for the Acachallas all around the world. Remember the Gmod portal gun mod? maybe that was the Acachallas touring aperture laboratories.

And, in Portal, there was a cut scene of Wheatley telling Chell 'A man with a suitcase was here to see you!'. During that scene, the acachallas were there.

Paranormal? More like creatures from Xen!

The Gman was in Fallout and A Skyrim Tale.

Vahl with the tardis by starbolt101-d764cwl

Vahl with the Combine Device

He sent Vahl a Combine Space Travel device, as known the TARDIS by the Nords.

Gmod has the same letters as 'Gman'. His name also stains for Garry Newman, who, in real life, is the creator of Garry's Mod (This doesn't mean that they are the same person, mind you. Half-Life is fictional) So its possible that Gman created Gmod as his own little world.

Thinking with portals, and Zombies (by: creator) Edit

This theory is also about Left 4 Dead.

Left 4 Dead PORTAL CHARACTERS Mod! (L4D 2)09:43

Left 4 Dead PORTAL CHARACTERS Mod! (L4D 2)

Left 4 Dead, it is most likely in the Half-life universe.

Even if it is just a movie series.

In this episode of Left 4 dead------------

There are Portal characters, which, might mean that in the Gmod portal mod (the one thats set on the moon)

Wheatley floated onto Earth, in the middle of the Zombie apocalypse.

Which drove the other Portal characters there, and since P.I.E made an appearance in Left 4 dead, that means Portal is in Left 4 dead which is in the Venturiantale universe.

Gman: CEO of Vault-Tec, and Frank Horrigan (By: Davin111) Edit



Gman is (or at least works for) the CEO Vault-Tec because the combine (who might also be sadists) could be using the Fallout universe as an experiment to see how long the Earth would last in a culture stasis as American culture was that of the 1950's however technology continue to advance. 

Frank Horrigan from Fallout 2 is both a mutant and a Cyborg so he is most likely to be a Synth. 

640px-FO02 NPC Frank Horrigan

Frank Horrigan

Frank Horrigan model

In game model

The House Always Wins (By: Davin111) Edit

800px-Mann Co. Logo
640px-FNV Mr House Screen

The House ALWAYS Wins


One of the Securitrons in Mr. House's robot army

Mr. House (the founder of RobCo) reversed engineered combine technology  he got from Mann Co and create a portal to Skyrim and stole Daxius. Vahl's Group crossed into the portal. It is unknown what happened to them though it can be assumed that one of Cywrens ancestors worked for House. MR. House could also be guiding Cywren as she most of the Technology that helped her was made by RobCo. The Reason for helping her? It is all part of his master plan in Fallout New Vegas.( If one assumes that Cywren is the courier, the player character and main protagonist in Fallout: New Vegas.)

The Fallout universe is the Team Fortress 2 universe which is known to have stuff from other universes (other games) fall into it.




Mr. House owns Aperture (By: Creator) Edit


One of the creations that Mr. House made

Strider crouched

Snythes, like this Strider, may be advanced Super Mutants.

Mr. House (Founder of RobCo) owns Aperture Science. In the Fallout Universe, somehow The Combine landed onto The FALLOUT universe's planet, along with Earth relics (Aperture tech). Mr. House used the Alien technology of the Combine and the human's Aperture Science. Dr. Breen somehow funded RobCo to build the Combine armors and different kinds of weapons, and Mr. House did. One of them being Elite Combine soldier. Mr. House made their armor out of Aperture turrets.

This leads to Mr. House making most of The Combine's weapons, armors, etc.







Skyrim, Fallout, Portal and Venturian meet....TF2! (By: Page Author) Edit

TF2BethFront2--article image

A TF2 character with a PIP-boy

TF2BethFront3--article image



Team Fortress 2 Bethesda update items, some of them including the PIP-Boy and the Iron Helmet

Team Fortress II is known to have many items from other Video games, including The PIP-boy, Wheatley, and the iron helmet from Skyrim. The Nine divines made the Fallout universe to study how Nords would fight if given any future-like firearms.

The Combine on the other hand knew about the Gods of Nirn and tried to invade Tamriel and TF2, leading to Mr. House (Like my other theory) getting the supplies from the combine to make their Tech (The Combine stole TF2 Wheatley, PIP-boy and other things they could research)












Nukes on Mesa (By: Page Author) Edit


Could this man start a War?

[Spoliers ahead!]

When G-man nuked and destroyed Black Mesa, it's possible that he also nuked the Fallout Universe. Gman (Who himself has vary little information about him) could have started a world-wide War. Half-life 2, which is set after Black Mesa (Or Half-life 1) in a wasteland-like landscape, it's possible that after the nuke went off at Black Mesa, it also nuked a little bit of the whole world. So Gordon Freeman is the Vault Wanderer.




Papa Acachalla: Ravenholm (By: Page Author) Edit


Papa Grigori

Papa Acachalla's Gmod model is Father Grigori with a changed name. In Half-life 2, Gordon Freeman met a man named Father Grigori, or Papa Acachalla that called himself a "Monk" in a Zombie invested Church/town. Gordon follows Grigori into Ravenholm and make their way out of the infected town. Papa Acachalla has survived many Zombie infections, in which one was with Sally in an old hut/house that looked oddly to the houses in Ravenholm. After the events of Ravenholm, Grigori could have had an wound that caused Amnesia, or changed his name to "Papa Acachalla" after the Combine Era (If the Combine Era stopped after Half-life 2, Episode 2). They also share the same Gun.







VR Acachalla (By: Page Author) Edit

Both The Combine and Aperture Science have insane technology, enough to make VR Simulation. Think about it, The Combine probaly know everything about the Human mind. How it works, how it smells, how it sees, how it moves, Etc. Many Science-Fiction Movies, TV shows, Comics and Games have shown VR Simulation as a helmet worn by a Human (Ex: Sword Art Online) as NerveGear. The Combine could easily recreate VR, but first they needed Test Subjects. The Acachalla family, a group of homeless Citizens in one of the Cities (City 12, City 17, etc) was chosen to be Test Subjects for the Combine's NerveGear.....Forever. The Acachalla Adventures were all just a twisted game from the Combine. It never really happened..The whole Roleplay universe was just a VR Sim, and all they thought it was life, A good life away from the Combine Era. But their wrong.

Ghouls N' Stalkers (By: Page Author) Edit

150px-Stalker ep1 kindlephoto-54149122

The Combine would punish Citizens by making them "Stalkers" (And Alyx is terrified of them).

This theory is talking about how Farel Ghouis are, in fact, Stalkers. The Combine found the Alternate Timeline of the land of Fallout, and did some tests on it's creatures. They found themselves some Ghouls- containd them, and tested them. Many became insane, and became Farels. Some became Stalkers. This is how the Combine were inspired to make Stalkers. So when you're playing Fallout, keep in mind that the little Ghoul in that cave may have been a Combine Test Subject.

After-Life TheoryEdit

Venturiantale takes place after the Uprising, Gordon Freeman somehow stomping the Combine from Earth and stopping them from sending their vast armies to their universe. Humanity has recovered, using whatever Combine technology they could find to get them on their feet. They started a ceasefire with surviving Combine personnel, such as the advisors. They eventually domesticated head crabs, antlions, and other Xenian life, while somehow cloning/breeding/cominBACKFROMTHEDEAD many of Earth's former species. They restored their water coasts, and demolished many Combine buildings and used the remains as scrap metal. They soon perfected space travel, and traveling into the galaxy and meeting with the Gingerians. However, they infested Gingeria with an antlion colony on accident. The police force has used Combine armor in their armory (along with synths and robots), explaining the numerous Combine soldiers appearing in bank heists. Numerous Combine splinter groups still exist, usually underground. Due to the human's almost impossible victory against the Combine, other aliens (such as the Martian tripods) tried their hands at invading Earth. Almost all failing. 

However, this would not be humanity's utopia forever. For many nuclear wars will begin in the future, along with zombie outbreaks caused by wild headcrabs. 

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