Chapter 1-Cursed and Diseases

(purple man's perspective)

I got out of my limo.It was raining.It was dark.....We finally got to Fred-Bears Family Diner.It was a deep purple.That's when I saw the boy.I've seen him before.His name is Josh.He was crying.Better end his misery......and mine.I pull my knife from my pocket and pounce.I made one slice.A clean cut.He was dead.My sister and brother wouldn't have liked this.They would've HATED IT.I don't talk a lot.But when I DO.It sounds warped.Like someone or something shattered it."I will avenge you my dear brother and sister....."I said with my warped voice.I picked the lock and headed on inside.I found an extra costume it the closet that I called balloon boy.I stuffed him inside.

"Go make Freddy suffer"I told it.I walked away.

But now I was cursed.....Diseased.......They warned me......they sure did warn me........

Chapter 2-Freddy Fazbears Pizzaria

(Timothy's perspective)

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