long time ago there was a kid named Eric toast

he never really lived like a rich kid

i'm going t tell you about him

Eric Noah Toast- Birth: 1991

Power- muliputate ghosts


Brothers: Gavin Toast and Jonathan Toast     Mother: Mary Toast

Sister:Ginny Toast

Being the youngest in the Toast family, he was the one to get the attention out of not only Johnny, but even Gavin! He wasn't as mature as Johnny and not as mischievous as Gavin. Since he didn't really grow up with his family, he was the only boy to ride a slide........ that wasn't 38 (reference to Johnny Toast)! And even though he was related to Johnny Toast, he somehow did not like macaroni and cheese. And the only evil he ever did was when his library card or his teddy bear got taking away (reference to Gavin Toast)!

But he didn't get all of the attention for know that he has a young sister to know she the only girl she has a lot of attention and has a way of getting Eric in to a lot of trouble Eric is kind like Ginny likes Center of attention doesn't like macaroni and cheese.

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