Made by ThatVenturianFanDrew on DeviantART or GhostA7X on this wiki. Some of this makes sense if you read my older fan fics of they're childhood memories.

Timebomb's 2 Memories 06/07/Unknown It's "Timebomb" and I've recently taken notice that the nurse/doctor has been acting oddly wierd. He had... Something red on his shirt. I used those pickpocketing skills Pappy taught me and took his key and broke in to his house. I looked in his dresser and saw a crimson red body. I called everyone and we confronted the and he was fired and I was the hero of little lamplight. I am the new doctor and I take my job seriously. And everyone takes ME seriously.

9/01/Unknown Their is a new person who was my age...according to Red. Her name was Cywrel. I had a crush on her and Pappy said she liked me. I got nervous when I went around her. I also went to class and I had a good reputation and sometimes it goes...unpunished. Bittercup and Dusty have been spreading rumors that I KILLED whoever the old doctor killed. Pappy and Red stopped it. Anyway I showed art and it wasn't very good. Everyone laughed except 3 people, Red, Pappy and Cywrel.

Cywren's 2 Memories 01/01/Unknown It's Cywren here and it's the beginning of this year! Tim and I have been talking about Medicine and Science and he know just as much as I do. He has joined my shop and we started a group. My other friends have joined and we have put on a play and made costumes. We had a group and each of us had jobs. Christina and her mom made costumes. Tim and I have wrote the words. Amata and another boy I never mentioned named Drew made the background. It was good and Butch just slept through it.

04/06/Unknown Our club played Hide and seek and Tim hid under Jonas's desk and Jonas put a blanket over it. He was the last person found and I was SO jealous. Anyway I had a good reputation but Butch made a new friend named Wally and they were trying to beat up Tim and Drew but failed as Tim and Drew held them both down until they're parents came. Me and Amata laughed the whole time. I didn't feel bad as they were my attacking MY friends and were jerks a long while. They still are. Didn't they learn? Anyway the whole vault declared Drew and Tim the vault's bully protection group. When their was one their was always the other. They were like partners in crime.

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