The legend begins...

It was peaceful in the land of Wikia...Until the Trolls invaded..Part one of a series.

The War Edit

It was the year 2014....Everyone was happy, editing pages, watching videos and reading fanfics...It was a perfect day. Edits came flying in by the minute, pages being added every second, and fanfics being created. What could ruin this perfect day of the VenturianTale Wiki? One word; Trolls. As Justjackbros hammered the image file onto the wall of the new Fallout page, Vamonkey called him..."Hey Jack, there's some spammers that need to get banned." the slender, paperwhite woman with a white mask and a red question mark on it called. "On it!" the black-haired admin hit publish and jumped off the ladder. "Where are they.." "Over here!" Davin, the black armored Enclave solider yelled as he grabbed ahold of innocent Contributor hands and pulled them into the safe house. Clonetrooper gasped and Jack's mouth was gaping open. An army of trolls. The troll-faced criminals ran down the mountain with their shotguns and Hater bombs. "T-This...Can't be happening!" Clara Hooves muttered and hid behind an Edit bar. Just Dance Eevee scurried to Jack, and hid behind his leg. "ARM THE DAXIUS'!" Davin screamed as he put missiles into a large hand-like gun that layed on a giant, golden Daxius. "We must defend Wikia and the Matrix! For it is our duty!" Lord of the Rings fangirl shouted and pulled her Spencer-themed sword out of it's hilt. War waged apon the internet at that very moment..They moment the Troll's and Fangirl's swords touched, it was to be the greatest battle in American history.

To be continued...

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