FUNNY MUSEUM ROLEPLAY! - Gmod Museum Map (Garry's Mod) ' is a GMod skit starring Jordan as Papa Acachalla and Isaac as Billy/Toilet Toucher. The episode features one of many Shock Revelations. 


Papa Acachalla takes Billy to a museum, as apparently the school trip he was supposed to be going on was "too stupid". As soon as they arrive, Billy immediately climbs up on top of a statue of a lion at the front entrance and falls off, breaking his leg. He then tells Acachalla to "set the leg", which is apparently something that people do in "that part of the movie". Papa doesn't know how to do this, and so leaves Billy to his own devices. Billy then reappears, seconds later, dressed in his medic uniform and claiming he is from the future and became Doctor Who in order to go back in time. In this version of the future, he is a doctor, Wii consoles are terrible, and hair doesn't grow back.

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