640px-Eulogy Jones

Eulogy Jones is the head Slaver of Paradise Falls in 2277. He was killed by Cywren Caster who didn't even known who he was. Cywren then stole his clothes.

Background Edit

Born in 2232, Eulogy Jones is a 45-year-old slaver. He dresses as smoothly as possible for a wastelander  and leads by persuasion and intelligence, getting others to do his dirty work. Eulogy got to where he is exactly as expected: by being the craziest thug in a town full of crazy thugs. He says that he did it the old-fashioned way: hard work. In truth, he used his slaves as prostitutes, and consequently, Eulogy knew nearly every secret in the camp. Eventually, he killed the former leader and took over. Every plot against his life has failed, and every slaver in the camp has learned to back off when Eulogy loses his temper. Eulogy ruled by fear.he had slaves In dresses named clover and Crimson they were helled capture by him

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