Vital statistics
Position Survivor
Age 23
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Portrayed By Unknown
A NEW ADVENTURE! - Siblings Play Left 4 Dead 2 Ep

A NEW ADVENTURE! - Siblings Play Left 4 Dead 2 Ep. 1

A video in which Ellis appears in

Ellis is a character in Left 4 Dead 2. He is the youngest of the survivors.


He presents himself as a goofy, beer-loving country guy with an artless and sometimes naive world view.


  • Before the Left 4 Dead 2 lets play, he appeared in many video thumbnails, such as the Elevator map.
  • He also appeared in the Left 4 Dead gmod video as Jordan's player model, along with Coach, Zoey, and other Left 4 Dead characters.

Official Description Edit

Age: 23
Hometown: Savannah, GA
Ellis is a mechanic with a love of life, a firm belief in his own immortality, and the ability to treat any setback as a fun dare to impress his friends. Born and raised in Savannah, Ellis divides up his time working at the local garage, hanging out with his buddies, and dropping by for Sunday dinners with Mom—why’d anybody want to live anywhere else?

Then the zombies had to go and spoil it. Now Ellis is looking for new things to occupy his time, and finding plenty. It turns out the zombie apocalypse is one big dare, and there’s no shortage of crazy stuff he can try to impress his new buddies.