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The Dunmer, more commonly referred to as Dark Elves, are the dark skinned elven natives of the province of Morrowind. After the eruption of Red mountain, many Dunmer fled to Skyrim becoming refugees. They face extreme prejudices due to their elven blood. Several Dunmer have managed to make their way in Skyrim as merchants, mages, or assassins for the Dark brotherhood.


They have red, glowing eyes and their skin tones vary from green to gray, and even light blue. They are known to be extremely strong, intelligent, and very quick, but are said to be ill favored by fate.


Both male and female Dunmer have a height of 1.0, which is standard across races in Skyrim. Redguards and Bretons share the same height. They are slightly taller than Bosmer, which rank at 0.85 and shorter than Altmer, which rank 1.08.


Migration - Red Mountain eruptionEdit

After the eruption of Red Mountain, many Dunmer fled to Skyrim. Several took up residence at The Collage of Winterhold, to bolster their innate magical talents.  Many more fled to Windhelm, seat of the Stormcloaks. resistance against the Empire of Tamriel. When entering Windhelm, Vahl witnesses a Dunmer arguing with two Nords.

Azura's visionEdit

Before the destruction that led to the mass exodus of Dunmer, several of the faithful of Azura received visions of the eruption of Red Mountain. Setting out for Winterhold, these Dunmer built the Shrine of Azurea and remained there as priests and priestesses, until only one remained, Aranea lenith.


Strongly nationalistic, the Nords of Windhelm segregated the Dunmer from the other citizens, into what came to be known as the Gray Quarter. Worse treatment, however, was given to the Argonians, who are not allowed to live in the city.

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