Dooramiah was a talented doorsmith introduced in a Mini Minecraft Tale. 


Doormiah is the greatest door craftsman east of Chicago. It is stated that his doors can withstand anything, even 6 am on Black Friday. Many people fear his doors, and they even send zombies running. Dooramiah specializes in crafting Chicago Pizza Doors, because those are his favorite.He claims to have the power to control doors even though this has been proven to be false.


Dooramiah was introduced when Venturian snuck past some zombies outside his house. He quickly slammed the door in their faces the second he got inside. Venturian then started bragging about how great his door was, and Dooramiah came into existence.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Dooramiah's early life, but what we do know is that his parents were both living doors, similar to Harold, the door on the Acachalla's new house.They gave birth to a human on accident (how this would work is unknown) and named him Dooramiah so he would know he is a door.


It seems Dooramiah traveled from the land of Opji to Gmod, because he was seen having a death match with a man named Bethelmo on the Titanic before nuking it.

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