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Doctor Dicklebottom is an old man who is the mayor of a town Arceus stayed in. His Debut was in the episode "Gmod ARCEUS POKEMON Mod!." He speaks in a strained and somewhat raspy voice.


Doctor Dicklebttom is a wise old man, although he is slightly persitent and will not accept refusals. He will get rather cross by frequent refusals too. 


  • Every weekday, from noon to 5, bugs from the stars rain down on top of his house.
  • He knows a lot about Starbugs.
  • His town as many strange traditions- for example, one must eat star bugs through your mouth hole when requesting them.
  • His is possibly slightly deaf, although this is not comfirmed.
  • He has a son, but his name is unknown. His son often carries a knife with him.

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