Fo1 Tardis

Call Box from Fallout 1

As with most (if not all) other VenturianTale series, various TARDISes have appeared in A Fallout Tale and it's sequel, Another Fallout Tale.

A Fallout Tale Edit

First appearing in A Fallout Tale Ep. 50 "Fallout 3 TARDIS Doctor Who MOD", the TARDIS was instantly claimed by Cywren Caster.

It is unknown if this is Vahl's TARDIS, the one Poet took and remodeled, and/or if it has any relation to the Unusual Call Box from Fallout 1. Unlike Vahl's, however, besides the cleanliness of the outside, it does not contrast from the setting of which it finds itself in. as it contains a message from the Doctor this might be the real Tardis this time.

It's interior looks like that of an Enclave base (partially Raven Rock) suggesting they might of gotten a hold of the TARDIS and at some point.

Another Fallout Tale Edit

Another, different TARDIS appeared in episode 67 of Another Fallout Tale, which transported a future version of Cywren Caster back in time to send her younger self on a mission to retrieve the earlier, decrepit TARDIS from Gibson's Scrapyard and repair it with help from the TARDIS' Voice Interface Hologram.

Northwest Panel

Various Porting Locations
Northeast Panel
Does Nothing on the User Side
Southwest Panel
Shows Local Scenery and Plays Message from First Doctor

Foot Locker Underneath Desk

Southeast Panel
Regenerates Character Appearance
2 Lockers

2 Medic kits

"My First Infirmary"

Hat Rack

Several Chairs and Tables

"My First Labratory"


Work Bench


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