The Cult of the Spence was a cult that worships Spencer, or rather Spencer's original form known as 'The Spence'; whom the cult leader claimed was a powerful altruistic being who helped mankind achieve many technological feats. However, this Spence was eventually killed, and thus it became the primary goal for the Cult of Spence to revive their fallen deity.

Through the use of space and time travel, The cult of the Spence found their idols tomb in a decrepit temple, on a lava planet, thousands of year prior to the time period they originated from. After finding the Spence's coffin, the cult leader gave his last speech to his followers before allowing himself to be sacrificed for the spell that would revive their deity.

Soon enough the cult leaders body was taken over by the Spence's consciousness. Contrary to the cult members beliefs, The Spencer now known as Spencer was cruel, unforgiving and violent to his worshippers. Whether his personality was corrupted through the use of the spell that revived him, or the cult was mistaken all along about The Spence's nature is unknown. Nevertheless, Spencer soon murdered the cult members he came across and forced whoever was left to kill each other. Sparing a single giant seagull which Spencer would ride through the cosmos to go to Papa Acachalla's 7-11.

P.I.E or at least Johnny Ghost was aware of The Cult of the Spence as well as Spencer's supernatural nature, describing them to Chris "Colon" Ghostie as, "Pajama wearing weirdos."

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  • Strangely enough, the temple in which the Cult of the Spence find The Spence is also the same map used in a previous video in which Spencer fought Wawa the water bender and died several times. Though it is likely just a coincidence.

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