Cryer is a young outcast of the super mutants who lives in the pipes near the Brotherhood of Steel's Citadel gate where he collects tricycles.


Cryer was abandoned from the super mutants from a very young age around 5 or 6 years old after he had fought and killed the leader of the Super Mutant's son, and they sent him away with his lethal wounds. He met a nice wandering robot who gave him some robot parts to replace his more severe wounds. After 10 or 12 years of wandering and killing,he came across the pipe works and decided to stay there as it seemed like a comfy home. After 2 years a young human female came by the weird gate of his home with a super mutant with her. He tried to get the super mutants attention but that did not work, so he threw one of his tricycles at the girl. All that did was seem to make her mad and she walked through the now open gate.

Other things gender: male race: cyborg\super mutant hobbies: collecting tricycles Family: none age: 17 likes: robots and other people dislikes: super mutants and water Made by: Zederpinator

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