Crispy Toast, also known as Dohfe, was the great uncle of Johnny Toast who became an honorary member of Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaire by winning a game of hide and seek with Tattletail. He (or a fake version of him) later visited Johnny Ghost's McDonald's in the fake world. He was later mentioned as not showing up for work for three months. He later showed up during the Billion Year War but had forgotten his name so Johnny Ghost gave him the name Dohfe. He died while setting off a nuke to kill the tripods, possibly accidentally killing Ghost and one of the members of Sally's Armada in the process. However, Johnny Toast went back in time and reset the timeline, doing away with the Billion Year War, hence making Dohfe survive the conflict.


  • He apparently has a pet hamster.

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  • Dohfe was presumably not intended to originally be the old man. From the spelling it appears that it the original author, Ultimate Weapon, may have meant to write "Sofie" (possibly the girl from the previous episode).