Groups Edits First Joined First Page Edited Active
Twiky2 bureaucrat, sysop over 20 edits July 12, 2013 Main Page No
TheLoneClone (formerly Clonetrooperfan2207) bureaucrat, sysop over 3,400 edits August 30, 2013 Garry's Mod (Gmod) Yes
H'jar of Shadows chatmoderator, sysop over 3,800 edits November 29, 2013 / January 2, 2014  Cardboard Friend No
Justjackbros sysop over 2,600 edits December 1, 2013 Freddie No
MCab719 (formerly Sierra A719) sysop over 390 edits December 10, 2013 Miraak Yes
Masterire sysop over 530 edits June 6, 2014 Quasar No
ClaraDerps sysop 17 edits April 7, 2014 VenturianTale Wikia Rules No
Bethela P sysop over 300 edits March 24, 2014 Spencer No
Vamonkey sysop 888 edits May 17th 2014 Toilet Toucher No
Theglem4 sysop over 1,500 edits Febuary 20 2014 Yackface Acachalla No
Rebaka-chan sysop 39 edits November 28 2014
We met rebaka chan by paulafrye-d7g8y3m
ElectricFire 169 sysop over 3,700 edits December 16 2014
Paranormal Investigations DVD Cover
Sodo arabon 55 sysop over 1,743 edits October 26 2014 Paranormal Entity Yes
DavidTinyauNg2000 sysop almost 1,700 edits June 17, 2016 Cause I'm a Bird Yes

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