The Combine are an interdimensional empire from the Half-Life universe. Their technology and infantry are frequently seen in VenturianTale, though their canonicity is vague. 

Events Edit

  • The battle of Skittles- A war Jordan and Isaac fought, which was to protect the skittles. 
  • Unnamed Combine Fight: A fight against the Combine and Daleks (With other enemies, such as the Weeping Angels)
  • The Apartment Raid: A raid where Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast hid in an apartment with other P.I.E. Operatives after breaking Toast out of prison.


  • It is possible that the 7 Hour War indeed happened (along with the Portal Storms/Cascade), but the Combine were somehow defeated. This is evident by possible reverse engineered Combine technology featured in maps, and SWAT consisting of Combine soldiers. 

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