Not to be confused with: the real Cierra Frye or Cierra's Gmod character.

Cierra is the co-protagonist of the original 2013 A Minecraft Tale series and it's 2014 sequel series, Another Minecraft Tale alongside her siblings Jordan, Bethany and Isaac. In 2017 she was given her own Minecraft Tale series, An Awkward Minecraft Tale.

Bio Edit

A Minecraft Tale Edit

Cierra first appears with Jordan in a snow-covered forest with two sheep. In the first episode she famously coins the phrase "snow and the flow and the cookie dough".

Non-Tale Minecraft mod episodes Edit

Walking on the moon Edit

Towards the series' end Cierra helps Jordan to build a rocket ship and together they fly to the moon. There they discover a race similar to Squiderians but coloured bluel which they dub "Moonerians". They build their own airtight underground settlement (complete with running water and oxygen) and construct breathing apperatus to allow themselves to survive on the airless surface.They then go back to Earth where they find Isaac and Bethany who help them defeat the Ender Dragon

Another Minecraft Tale Edit

Cierra, Jordan, Isaac and Bethany adventure through the lands of Minecraft, building random houses everywhere.

A Mini Minecraft Tale Edit

Cierra was not present for A Mini Minecraft Tale, along with Isaac and Bethany.

An Awkward Minecraft Tale Edit

Cierra builds a farm in the middle of nowhere and goes on adventures.She is occasionally joined by her mother and siblings.Her friend Michael recently moved into a house he built nearby and joins her adventures.