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This page is for how ImmortalKyodai made her own origin story for the pop-tarted Nyan Cat.


Once, there was a star, and that star met a space rainbow, because you know that whenever a blue star and a red star come together, they make a space rainbow. So the star and the rainbow decided to make someone very happy that day. The first person they helped was a girl with a very "boring" cat, so they decided to give the cat rainbow magic powers. The cat at the time was eating a pop-tart, so when they gave the cat the powers, it merged with the pop-tart. So now, the cat is now running through space to visit all the stars, and it sings that annoying song as a sign of its happiness.


This spot is where you can put your thoughts about the theory

  • Jordan thought the theory was terrible
  • Five words: Um, ok, weird, OMGRAINBOWCATSLOL!, unrealistic. :)
  • Jemma thought midly legit, however, it was great C:
  • I like waffles!!!
  • RAINBOW MAGIC POWERZ!!!!!! *explodes into millions of sparkles* -A random person
  • Well.. It',original?
  • Sounds legit.
  • Hey, that was my cat...
  • Haha that was good oh Cierra
  • So magical!!!!! X3
  • So THAT'S where Skittles went! Thanks for telling me!
  • omg i love rainbows and kitties -Alex fan of nyan cat and venturian tale
  • Breif recap: Rainbow Stars, little girl, boring cat eating poptart, merging food and cats, and space travel.
  • I thought a red star mixed with a blue star made a purple star.....or a supernova. Whatever comes first.
  • She forgot one thing in her theory-the fact that nyan cat farts rainbows and nyan kat is murdurer killed jordan a lot
  • Sounds better than other theories I've heard. I kind of thought it was the canon story.
  • Hyuk Hyuk Hyuk and a Waffly Suprise! -George Acachalla I (THE FIRST PAPA) .OH SO Thats What Happend To My Box Of Pop Tarts - Surviver03
  • I think that the nyan cat was just wanted to troll everyone and be annoying.
  • I like trains ~A fan
  • This is the weirdest thing I have ever seen....
  • Lol it's like exactly from the episode! Love it! Cierra is SO funny!
  • Venturian Tale your epic
  • AWESOME! I love VT -ember (aka prettyfennekin222800)
  • I was with you, but then I lost you after the space-rainbow part.
  • cool theory. PURPLE POWER!!! wait.. purple stars make purple rain!
  • This is legit because i have nyan cat's phone number and they told me this -Hybridwolf77
  • It's a joke, I think. Though does make sense.-Daniel.VFan
  • Best thoughts section ever
  • LOL,I can't even!!!!
  • if somebody reads this, note that i ate i potatoe yesterday.
  • bananas
  • potatoes
  • ^^^i just rote 4 comment things wow^^^
  • Meh, probably true, its adorable enough X3 and all cute things are brought into this world by good things :3- markmossing

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