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Chef Chakalata Soup
Gender Male
Played by Bethany Frye (BethanyFrye)
Status Deceased (Ghost)
Position/Rank Olive Garden Custodian, Chef, Fire Fighter (formerly)
Nationality Irish American, Half Gingerian
Age Unknown
Group Soup Family, Gertion Mafia
Weapon Crowbar
Gmod KITCHEN Restaurant Roleplay Map! (Garry's Mod)18:24

Gmod KITCHEN Restaurant Roleplay Map! (Garry's Mod)


Chakalata "Soup" (Acachalla) is a bald, insane chef on an island in the middle of nowhere. He was with Sally Betty Jessica, Poopoo, and Goober when first introduced. They all eventually made it off the island and owned an Olive Garden in Butts, N.C. He is now a ghost with lethal abilities.

Biography Edit

Chakalata Soup lived on an island where he ran a kitchen with Apupu Soup, and Goober, the ghost of a customer who died using the toilets.He eventually got off the island and owned an Olive Garden,while working their many weird things happened such as Goober turning into a Unicorn named Sparkley Puddlebuns and killing Officer Maloney,Sally Betty Jessica,an odd man named Killbert coming in screaming chicken repeatedly,and a snowman coming to life and murdering everyone,it was later found out by P.I.E after his house was investigated that he was,in fact a level 25 paramormal entity,he eventually landed himself a job as a fireman; however he lost that job whist training Billy Acachalla. He now lives alone on his island, charging services to passing ships (using bathtubs, foldable chairs with tyres, bins, fridges and wooden cabinets for community bathrooms, toilets and sinks respectively ("washing your hands" is merely rubbing your hands against a wooden board) as he can't afford real ones). Billy managed to track him down once again, to his horror; however Billy proved to be a shrewd businessman.

Fred Spooker and Barnacle both claim that Soup is their father; however Chakalata Soup himself has never confirmed this.

Soup later showed up in the horse ghost video where he was revealed to be the son of Darth Calculas.


Chakalata Soup is a business man above all things. Managing all that he can with the little amount of resources at his disposal. Often casually forcing his employees to ridiculous contracts and ignores many dangers near him. Often believing in the most convoluted and idiotic business decisions if promised to profit from them. Despite This chakalata is relatively optimistic and usually is content with having a nice business.

Originally, Chakalata Soup was in denial that he was a ghost, but has quickly adapted to his new "life" style. Occasionally appearing to creep out random characters.

Relations Edit

Apupu Soup Edit

Chakalata Soup adopted his grandaughter Apupu as a daughter at some point; however she left the island to become a ballarina, which Soup disapproved of.

Goober Edit

Goober haunted Chef's toilets and scared off customers, much to his chargin. Upon gGoober being possessed by a unicorn, chakalata soup showed concern for his employee, begging Maloney not to kill him. Though this was mainly because he would have been down one worker.

Goober appears to have either left the island or disappeared completely. Chakalata seems to have installed an outhouse on his island, likely to avoid goober or his ghostly toilets should they ever return.

Fred "Spooker" Soup Edit

Spooker claims that Chakalata Soup is his father and there does appear to be a resemblance between them; however Soup himself has never confirmed or denied this. It is possible that he is not aware that Spooker is his son.

Papa Acachalla Edit

Soup is related to Papa's wife Gertrude somehow, making them inlaws.


They are related somehow.

Billy Acachalla Edit

Chef hates Billy Acachalla with a vengeance, It was Billy's stupidity that cost him his job as a firefighter.


Barnacle claims to be Soup's daughter, he has never confirmed or denied this.

Darth CalculasEdit

Althought they are never shown to interact Calculas is known to be the father of Chakalata Soup.

Ghost FactsEdit

Johnny Ghost has labeled Chef Chakalata Soup as a level 25 Paranormal Entity . This means he is very powerful. Some of his abilities are:

  • Various forms of killing that most humans would not be capable of
  • Spawning Balloons
  • Make people see things
  • Disguising himself as different forms

He tried to fool Johnny Ghost into thinking that Delphox was the poltergeist, but that was an illusion caused by him.

Career to InsanityEdit

He was a professional chef until he went on a boat to an island in the middle of nowhere, where he became insane. The cause of insanity was most likely lack of human contact.


  • At a stage, He might of had a crush on Sally Betty Jessica asking "Are you single?"
  • He has some relation to Gertrude, but It is still unknown how.
  • He owns a restaurant, which has a haunted toilet. In fact, his bathroom was the first place Ghostly Toilets appeared.
  • The map of where he lives was curiously made for another crazy chef named John Albert. John was never mentioned by anyone in the channel.
  • His house is a gateway to other dimensions were Paranormal Entities often travel to.
  • Chakalata Soup earned his title when he began to put loads of chocolate in his soup.
  • Chakalata Soup's identity as a level twenty five entity literally puts him off the charts of the P.I.E level scale. Though, this does not mean that he is the strongest paranormal entity.
  • He was killed by a pair of silos falling on him, crushing him.
  • He was revealed to be the father of both Spooker and 'Barnacle' and the son of Darth Calculus.
  • He is a legendary cereal maker, mistaken to be a legendary serial killer at first by the narrator.


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