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Charlie is a robot that helped HomelessGoomba and ImmortalKyodai in the Minecraft ROBOT INVASION Co-op Adventure Map.

History Edit

After Homeless and Immortal were taken prisoner by the Leader Robot, they were led to Charlie, who told them that they planned to use them to create a cyber-human hybrid and take over the Minecraft World. Not particularly interested in world conquering (saying "it's not right"), he decided to help them escape by teleporting them out. However, in his haste he accidentally botched the coordinates and they were quickly caught by the robot army. Charlie quickly used the teleporter again, this time leading them to the volcano where Dex the robot kept his base. Dex initially seemed keen to help them; however this turned out to be a ruse, leading them to his "Nightmare Realm", where Homeless and Immortal faced several challenges. After completing the challenges, Dex did not keep his word, and Charlie sacrificed himself in order that they might stop the invasion.

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