Fallout 3 Outcast Emblem

The Brotherhood Outcasts are a contingent of Brotherhood of Steel soldiers who separated themselves from Elder Lyons' group at the Citadel. They are first seen in A Fallout Tale Ep.64. They are seen again in Ep.86 and needs Cywren to complete a VR simulation of Operation Anchorage to open a armory. Afterwords however they tried to kill her.

Background Edit

The Outcasts attributed their departure to their belief that Elder Lyons had lost sight of the Brotherhood’s true mission, and the reason for their presence in the Capital Wasteland: the discovery and acquisition of advanced pre-War technology.

Outcast Bases Edit

Outcast Collection Agent Quest Edit

A local would have to speak to Defender Morgan underneath Fort Independence`s bridge and ask her about collecting technology for them and she will give access to Casdin to enable this quest

Bringing Laser rifles and pistols, Plasma rifles and pistols, Enclave Power Armor and Tesla Armor, Scrap Metal and Sensor Modules can have their leader give a reward of Stimpacks, Frag Grenades, Radaway and Assault rifle ammo.

Notes Edit

  • The Outcasts got rid of everything to due with Elder Lyon`s Brotherhood by changing the ranks from Scribe, Knight and Paladin to Specialist, Defender and Protector and repainting their power armor red and black
  • Outcasts are shown to be rude to any locals as they assume anybody who isn`t one of them are just uncivilized wildlife like "great here`s some of the local wildlife".
  • The Outcasts have gotten hold of Alien Power Cells which is used for Cywren`s Alien Blaster which is in their armory in the basement of Fort Independence.
  • If a local breaks into the Outcast`s HQ or kills a named Outcast they become permanently hostile to them (doesn`t include the Outpost Outcasts), however hostility can be avoided by bringing them enough gear, Casdin names the local "Friend of the Outcasts" and they can get in to the fort without earning another enemy, but they would have to go into the fort without being seen.

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