Brook is one out of three of the main group of protagonists in Homeless Gomba's series, RiverBrook.

Biography Edit

Brook and her friend Kori has been running form the police since they were kids. Other than that, there is little that we know about her.

Personality and traits Edit

Brook is a very trusting person. Unlike her friend Kori, she believed in River's story that he was able to perform magic, which was later proven in Episode Two. She also seems to be very confident up to the point that she takes on a zombie by herself, even when told not to.

Brook is deadly accurate. She is able to hit targets from serval yards/meters away. This can prove to be useful if an enemy can not be fought up close. She is also very observant.

Relationships Edit

Brook has been friends with Kori since they were kids. That would explain she has a likeness toward him. Brook seems to be fine with River, though since the two have so far have had little screen time together it is unsure.

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