Gender Male
Based on Rabbit
Starting Location (FNAF1) Show Stage
Starting Location (FNAF2) Toy Bonnie: Show Stage

Bonnie: Parts/Service

Bonnie is one of the main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's. His appearance resembles a male rabbit (though people believe that Bonnie is female since the name Bonnie is a female name). He is an animatronic character that preforms for children at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. He is also the son of Momma-Zilla and Skele-Dad.

He was adopted by Laa-Laa The Yellow Teletubby and Chica The Animatronic Chicken, until Chica was ran over and killed by a flying bus and Laa-Laa was ran over and killed by the train, Bonnie was on. It was later said in The King Bonnie video that He and Chica were cousins. He is king of the 46th Dimension and is invincible when sitting on his throne (which happens to be the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones) later Jonny ghost assainated him while he was eating His lunch.


Bonnie is a lavender, animatronic bunny with articulated ears that can bend forward. He has maroon-colored eyes and wears a red bow tie. Onstage, he carries an orange bass guitar. Excluding his head and left hand, the majority of Bonnie's body appears identical to Freddy Fazbear's, apart from his color and teeth.

FNAF2 Edit

Old Bonnie is a animatronic bunny who has lost his face, the "skin" on his right arm, and his left arm is lost entirely. There are wire from where his left arm was. He also lost the "skin" on his left foot and ankle. His jumpscare shows him with red eyes. But the're is one mistake with Bonnie in custom night his bow tie is through his mouth

Trivia Edit

  • He "hacked" Isaac's webcam on the first episode.
  • Isaac claims that he "Always goes to the right door".
  • He almost killed Isaac's character on the first day, but it became night two before Bonnie could kill him.
  • He jams the left door.
  • Bonnie in FNaF 2, (old one) has a missing face and left arm.
  • He is the second most damaged animatronics.
  • The only remains on his face are his bottom jaw and chin.
  • In Five Nights At Freddys Put the Cash Money in the Bag video, he tried to steal Chica's money.
  • He went to highschool with the rest of the animatronics.
Toy Bonnie
Vital statistics
Position Toy mascot
Age N/A
Status  ?
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Portrayed By Unknown
  • Toy Bonnie cleaned a fork with bleach, he then used the bleach bottle for orange juice.
  • He is also king of the 46th dimension and is invincible while sitting on his throne (which happens to be the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones)

Toy Bonnie Edit

Toy Bonnie appeared in the NEW BONNIE 2.0!! mod video. He sounded like an old lady, and lived in a old house in a forest. A human services agent came to his house due to animal abuse reports. Bonnie had to give the agent a tour around the house due to him being the suspect (He was the animal). He has a sister that looks just like, but was killed by the original Bonnie. He owns a shopping market.

Gallery and appearances Edit

  • Sribblenaut Bonnie
  • Scribblenaut Bonnie

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