Bon Bon
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Vital statistics
Position Baby boy
Age Around 1 year old
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height about 5 ft tall
Weight Unknown
Portrayed By ImmortalKyodai

Bon Bon is a living human-sized wooden baby doll, and a recurring character in the Garry's Mod series. He is played by ImmortalKyodai.


Bon Bon is initially considered "sweet" as a baby, however, his actions and his unusual appearance terrify his mother, Charlie. Like human babies, Bon Bon cries whenever things do not go his way. As a teenager, he unwittingly manipulates his mother's fear of him. Bon Bon is much more quiet and reserved as a teenager, although he still has to rely on his parents for almost everything.


Papa AcachallaEdit

Bonbon once stayed at Papa Acachalla's house, eventually murdering someone.

Charlie Charlie Chase Butt FaceEdit

Charlie is Bon Bon's mother. She is terrified of Bon Bon and she is not too sure how to treat her son.

Johnny GhostEdit

Johnny Ghost first found Bon Bon floating in a train. He fell down and Johnny Ghost was absolutely terrified by it. Later, Johnny Ghost brings Johnny Toast on an investigation of "The Legend of Bon Bon."

Maddie FriendEdit

Maddie is BonBon's babysitter.

Gmod Funny BABY Mod! (Garry's Mod)-1

Gmod Funny BABY Mod! (Garry's Mod)-1


  • Jimmy Neutron was turned into Bonbon.
  • Bon Bon found a radioactive rock and got superpowers.
  • Bon Bon has a crush on Maddie.
  • Sometimes he can speak perfect English, and other times he spurts out gibberish.
  • There is a curse that turns those affected into a super powered Bon Bon.


  • "Bu Bu Baby."
  • "Baby Hungry! Baby Hungry! Baby Hungry!"
  • "Baby Poop!"
  • "Yum num num num.. nuuuum Yummy."
  • "I made a big poopie....."
  • "MAMA!"
  • "Dah dahdudah dudah!"
  • "Baby want Gerber!"
  • "Poo-poo!"
  • "Mama... stinky!"
  • "Momma!"