Ima bird
This is for the Species, you may be looking for the CharacterEdit

Birds are a recurring species in VenturianTale videos. They usually are small crows, but also other species, such as the Seagull.


Birds usually don't care about anything, and are rarely interested with any given topic. They will often "Waddle" away.

The seagull however is considerably diverse from the common bird. Often and even constantly begging humans for chips until they die for some unknown cause.

Abilities Edit

Obviously, birds can fly, and this doesn't class as an ability as birds are specifically designed for flight. Therefore, that example won't be included here.

  • Some Birds have the power to emit an ear-piercing sonic roar powerful enough to make people's heads explode. However, it doesn't affect people with low intelligence.
  • Birds have the power to come "Back from the Dead".
  • Birds have the power to cross vast interstellar distances without the use of spaceships by following the ion trail prevalent throughout the galaxy.
  • giant seagulls can fly at interstellar speeds, blast "LOL"'s from their mouth that can kill several men at once and can endure heavy artillery from a long period of time.

Known BirdsEdit

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