Birchwood was the first home of Jordan and Cierra in A Minecraft Tale. It was given its name when the siblings discover birch trees in the woods near their house, and they like the sound of the term "birch wood."

History Edit

Jordan and Cierra had began to build Birchwood at the start of their adventures, and once they completed it in the night, they took up residence in side, only for the front stairs to be blown to bits by creepers. Jordan and Cierra rebuild the stairs, only for another creeper to destroy the steps again.

The next day, the siblings venture away from their house to explore, and soon come across a village when they are attacked. However, as they try to escape, Cierra is shot and killed by a skeleton, and a creeper blows Jordan up. The two revive at Birchwood and vow to rescue the Squidarians at the village they temporarily stayed in.

Appearances Edit