Betgooimmven is a house built by Jordan Frye, Isaac Frye (HomelessGoomba), Cierra Frye, and Bethany Frye in the Another Minecraft Tale series. It is the main base of operations of the group in the series.  

Overview Edit

The house is made from spruce wood and three stories high. The front door leads to a lobby with two extra rooms and a ladder to climb to the second and third floors. Inside the first floor are a number of crafting tables, furnaces, and chests.  

On the rooftop of the house is a watchtower, and on the side of the house is a wool block VenturianTale logo. Next to the house is a large graveyard, containing a number of gravestones each representing one of the many times each of the siblings have died. in the frontyard there is a large pit made by HomelessGoomba.                             

Betgooimmven was inadvertently burned down by Venturian during his attempt to fight zombies with a flint and steel. The destruction of the house also coincided with the creation of a Nether portal.                             

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