Vital statistics
Position Vivec Mages' Guild Instructor
Age 24
Status M.I.A (Missing in Action)
Physical attributes
Height 5'8 ft.
Weight 159 lbs
Portrayed By Unknown

Beldiir is a Male Dark Elf Mage who was both Vahl and Gaelan's friend, and cousin. He was the Conjuration instructor of the Vivec Mages' Guild, one of the best in all of Vivec, and specialized in Frost spells. it is believed that Beldiir escaped the Thalmor Attack on Vivec, some say he was killed and the body was lost, no knows what happened to him.

He was born on 4E 177.

Spells TaughtEdit

Novice ConjurationEdit

  • Raise Zombie
  • Conjure Familiar
  • Bound Sword
  • Bound Dagger

Apprentice ConjurationEdit

  • Reanimate Corpse
  • Soul Trap
  • Conjure Flaming Familiar
  • Conjure Flame Atranoch
  • Conjure Boneman

Adept ConjurationEdit

  • Revenant
  • Conjure Mistman
  • Conjure Seeker
  • Conjure Ash Spawn
  • Conjure Frost Atranoch
  • Banish Daedra
  • Bound Bow

Expert ConjurationEdit

  • Dread Zombie
  • Conjure Storm Atranoch
  • Conjure Ash Guardian
  • Conjure Dremora Lord
  • Conjure Wrathman
  • Command Daedra
  • Expel Daedra

Master ConjurationEdit

  • Frost Thrall


  • Vivec Master Robes, Hood, and Boots
  • Heartstones x25 (For summoning Ash Guardians)
  • Various Spell Tomes
  • 350 Gold
  • Wyvern Spear - His staff, it either banishes Daedra, or blasts the target with any Frost Spell, depending on target.


  • Though given a Nordic name, he was 100% Dunmer.
  • He has travelled Tamriel, learning spells from Elsweyr to Hammerfell, he learned a lot of spells. He has gotten most Daedric spells like Summon Seeker from Ancient Daedric Shrines found in Southern Morrowind; Some were found at Nordic Daedra Shrines.
  • He got his inspiration to learn magic from his father, Inghean.
  • Both his parents had a study in magic, his father was an Archmage, and his mother was a Spellsword.