Gender Female (was originally male but turned into a woman for some unexplained reason after falling into lava)
Played by Cierra Frye
Status Alive
Position/Rank  ?
Nationality Minecraftian
Age Varies
Group  ?
Weapon  ?
Debut  ?
Kleiner bust

Barney is an old man who is in love with bombs played by ImmortalKyodai. In his first appearance, he met the Bomb Salesman's son, who sought revenge on the people who had killed his father. Once he realized his evil ways, the son sold bombs to Barney, who used them to turn himself younger and, later, he fell into lava and turned into a girl. Later, Barney was among many other citizens while a seeker hunted throughout them all.

Appearances Edit


  • He is played by Cierra Frye.
  • He has a bomb wife named Sarah.
  • He is very gassy.
  • He highly resembles the Toilet Toucher.