Alphonse Almodovar
The Overseer 101 GUF
Game Fallout 3
Race Human, Hispanic
Gender Male
Age 49
Birthday June 8th 2228
Position  ?
Status  ?
Weapon(s) N/A
Played by  ?

THE ADVENTURE BEGINS! - Fallout Tale Ep. 1

Alphonse Almodavar is the former overseer of Vault 101 and the father of Cywren Caster's best friend, Amata. He is a temporary antagonist in A Fallout Tale.

History Edit

Alphonse first appeared in the first episode of A Fallout Tale at Cywren's 10th birthday party. However, when Cywren's dad left the vault Alphonse went mad and put the vault into lockdown and sent security guards out to capture Cywren. However, Cywren knocked out all of the guards and confronted Alphonse killing Cywren's friend Jonas. Alphonse is unwilling to cooperate with Cywren and refused to give her the password to his terminal or the key to his office. However, Cywren is able to pick the lock and hack his terminal. Alphonse doesn't appear again until Episode 29: Return to Vault 101. The vault is in a crisis where the rebels want access to the outside but Alphonse refuses, Cywren however, convinces him to let them go outside and he later steps down as overseer of vault 101 and appoints his daughter Amata the new overseer. He has not been seen again and it is assumed he won't again.