"You have to knock next time."
"You have to knock."
*opens door* "Hello, my name is Agent Knock.


Margaret Johnson and Agent Knock
Agent Knock
Gender  ?
Played by Jordan Frye
Status Deceased
Position/Rank Agent
Nationality  ?
Age  ?
Group FBI
Weapon Revolver
Gmod ROLEPLAY Item Pack Mod! (Garry's Mod)

Gmod ROLEPLAY Item Pack Mod! (Garry's Mod)

Agent Knock is an agent of Gingerian equivalent of the FBI sent to investigate the multiple deaths of Margeret Johnson's husband. He came in on the second floor through means undisclosed. On arrival he discovered cats turned into head crabs, an uncle in the cupboard, and a chair fort. He was very suspicious of Margaret Johnson, the owner of the house, eventually arresting her. She later escaped custody and killed Knock in the ATV Mod following a car chase. His funeral was met by a monkey.

Quotes Edit

  • "Hello, my name is Agent... Um... Let me try that again."
  • "Hello, (Margaret: You didn't knock!) my name is... Agent... um, I still can't think of a name."
  • "It's not funny."
  • "We have ways to do everything.(Margaret: Is it because of the head-) Everything."
  • "No! It's not funny, stop laughing!"
  • "You would like to know, wouldn't you."
  • "Something is eating me!"
  • "Alright, you have some explaining to do. What did you do to your cats? And why is it going to the b- is it going to the bathroom?"
  • "I am not buying it, ma'am. I am not buying it, the FBI isn't buying it, the government is not going to buy that, you need a better excuse! (Margaret: Okay, uh... I have teenagers?) Good enough. We'll call back in a week."
  • "I don't buy your English accent."
  • "Why is he invisible?"
  • "Are you insane?"
  • "I'm sorry, someone that evil has to be put down. *shoots Uncle with a rocket launcher* ...There he is! I can see him now. HA! That's science at it's finest!"
  • "You have some explaining to do."
  • "What did you do to your cat?"
  • "Why is there a guy in your closet?"
  • "Why did he go in the closet?"
  • "It is your duty to teach your friends how to sit. If you don't... This could happen."
  • "I'm just gonna... Hide that dead body."
  • "Ma'am, you're coming with me."
  • "Surrender, miss Margaret! This is the police! You are under arrest! You're driving a green car and it's NOT St. Patrick's Day!"