Many theories on the Acachalla family have been made. This is Clonetrooperfan2207's theory list.

Papa Acachalla

Acachalla was a cowboy, part of the Acachalla gang with Princeton Quagmire, Maxwell Acachalla, and Jose Jose Jose Jose. After Maxwell was killed in a robbery, the gang broke up, and soon Acachalla and Princeton became nemesises (how do you SPELL that?). Jose Jose Jose Jose left as well, and what happened for a while became unknown. Years later, during World War II, Acachalla went under the name of Scott Acachalla, and soon he became best friends with Jonathon Logan. During the war they fought together, and both survived, but parted ways after the war. Papa then, years later, married a woman named Sally Betty Jessica. They had a daughter named Sally, but soon Sally betty Jessica divorced Papa, and left Sally with him. He then went to a 7-11 occasionally, and soon met a woman who kept calling Acachalla cute, whose name was Gertrude. Acachalla and Gertrude then got married, and soon Acachalla came into ownership of the 7-11. One day, Acachalla discovered an abandoned baby boy, whom he adopted and named Billy. Then, more years later, Acachalla hired a security guard, who did several things for Acachalla, until he was killed in the line of duty. A man brought his nerdy son, Spencer, to the 7-11, and left him there, and Papa also adopted Spencer. 


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